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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meeting Recap

Yesterday can only be summed up with one word. It was absolutely amazing. Four hundred people, from all around the country, converged at a single point behind a solitary cause. So many amputees were in attendance that we joked about the hearing becoming a mini-conference.

I am fortunate that the hearing was relatively local. With the exception of a lot of time behind the
wheel and a single night at a hotel, my expenses were null. Sitting outside the hearing room, I was reunited with friends who flew across the country, at their own expense, because of they felt compelled to be involved and show solidarity.

I drew so much strength and courage from the crowd that I didn't feel nervous when I approached the podium. I knew that the stakes were high, but I also knew that I could not have been surrounded by a stronger support base. A new friend videoed my testimony so that I could share it in this blog. I stumbled over a few words, but I did my best to convey the real life implications of these proposals.

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  1. That was fabulous!! Thanks so much for being there.