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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mr. Bill Break

I have been thinking about little else than the recent medicare proposals since learning about them several weeks ago. Even during family adventures I find my mind swirling with strategies, contemplating what if scenarios and trying to figure out more ways to bring awareness to the issue. While I am happy to lend my efforts to help spearhead this movement, I find myself increasingly drained because of it. Yesterday afternoon I felt like I was drowning in stress as I tried to manage the non-stop phone calls, interviews and social media posts while trying to manage Robby and Timmy. Standing at my kitchen counter with tears of frustration streaming down my cheeks, I knew that I needed to step away.

I put on Timmy's shoes, told Robby to grab his metal detector and went outside to play with my boys. For the first time in three weeks, I left my phones on the kitchen counter. Aware that I was out of touch for the first time in weeks, I felt liberated as I pushed my boys on their swing set. Every time medicare or prosthetics kept into my mind I made a cognizant effort to push it out, choosing instead to focus on playing and being with my kids. 

Seeing his friend walking down the road, Robby jumped from the swing (something that will always make my heart leap to witness) and went running towards her. The two friends spent the rest of the afternoon panning for gold in the stream and scouring the yard with the metal detector searching for treasures. I was alone with Timmy, who was happy swinging and exploring the yard, proudly showing me every hickory nut and flower that he discovered.

Eventually Timmy made his way over to Mr. Bill's house and quickly began to explore his yard. Mr. Bill quickly joined the youngest explorer, oohing and aahing over each discovery. Mr. Bill patiently walked and spoke to Timmy as they walked around his yard. As I sat on the swing and watched the interaction I couldn't help but feel content and happy. My boys are so lucky to have Mr. Bill in their lives!

I was only away from my phone for two hours, but the respite was exactly what I needed to feel better. I am going to make a point to unplug from the medicare situation on a regular basis. I am a better advocate, and mom, when I have a chance to walk away and regroup. 

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