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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Timmy the Terrible

Timmy has resumed his 4 AM wake up schedule despite every effort to encourage him to sleep a tad longer. I don't know why he is such an early riser, neither Scott nor I are particularly fond of waking up early. I keep telling myself that this is a stage, and that he will soon be a good sleeper like his brother. In the meantime, I fill the wee hours of the morning envisioning a plethora of creative ways that I am going to rouse him out of bed when he is a teenager. Right now, just standing outside his room screaming nonstop is rising to the top of the list.

I continue to be astounded by the differences between Robby and Timmy.  Robby was so analytical as a toddler, always studying and examining. Timmy is more hands on, assuming a leap and then look approach to most things. He is constantly climbing and pushing his physical limits whereas Robby has always been cautious. I never really worried about Robby hopping out of his tree house, but I'm pretty sure that someday Timmy is going to tie a towel around his neck and try to fly off the ladder like Superman. 

Robby was kept away from the stairs by a single gate.  Timmy requires a three gate barricade. It now takes us about five minutes to dismantle everything when we want to go downstairs or leave the house.

Thankfully, Timmy has not yet learned to try to disguise his amusement when he is being mischievous. His giggle always gives him away. The louder and more robust his laugh, the more we worry about what he has discovered.  When he is belly laughing, I know that he is either splashing in the cat fountain or an open toilet. 

At only 15 months, I am already seeing glimmers of the Terrible Twos. My little guy has quite a temper, and doesn't hesitate to express his displeasure when he doesn't get his way. He stands still, stomps his feet and screams at the top of his lungs. While I know that he is expressing frustration and I shouldn't laugh, sometimes that is the only option. He is so animated angrily marching in place.

At this age I could easily distract Robby from unfavorable activities. Timmy is determined and refuses to fall for my ploys to distract him. It seems that Robby Rotten has been replaced by Timmy the Terrible, who is louder and more creative than his older counterpart. I think this little guy is going to give me a run for my money!

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