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Friday, October 02, 2015

Cleaning House

It is gearing up to be a wet and cold weekend. With the hurricane off the coast and projected to impact our area Sunday night I am not anticipating seeing the sun until next week. I don't mind rainy days, but when they multiply they tend to take a toll on my mood. At this point I'm not as concerned about the rainy day blues as I am about the associated wind. Living in the woods and being surrounded by tall trees, I have come to fear the combination of saturated soil and wind gusts. 

This weekend will be spent trying to get hurricane ready. Although I doubt that we'll be able to work in the yard, at the very least we will become organized inside. Cleaning may not safeguard our home from fallen trees, but it will certainly make me feel less overwhelmed.  The amount of clutter that has accumulated during the past few weeks borders on obscene.  Since everybody will be forced indoors, I figure that we might as well work on a common project.  Of course, Scott may have a different perspective when his football watching is interrupted by the vacuum. 

I have been delaying sorting through Timmy's clothes for several weeks. Each morning I promise myself that today will be the day that I pull out everything that he has outgrown. It seems silly to admit, but weeding through Timmy's clothes makes me sad. There is something concrete about packing away his outgrown clothes that forces me to face the reality that my baby is now a toddler.

While everybody is stuck inside, I am going to take the opportunity to clean out Timmy's clothes bins. I'm hoping that having a house full of commotion will buffer the emotions that always arise when I am faced with this chore. Wish me luck!

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