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Monday, September 28, 2015

Nana's Friends

By Friday Robby was fully recovered from his cold, allowing us to proceed with our weekend plans. We packed up the car Friday afternoon and headed to Nana's house. It has been awhile since I visited with my Mom and I was looking forward to the visit.

Although Robby enjoys visiting his Nana, he has been known to complain of boredom. This is especially true when we visit during the weekend, when his cousins are with their dad. He always brings his computer during our visits and typically ends up in a "fort" watching videos for countless hours.  I feel badly that he is bored and watching videos, but realizing that his options for entertainment are limited I try to avoid nagging him to do something more active. 

During our last visit Robby became acquainted with the neighbor children who live up the street from my mom.  He spent hours playing with them and had such a good time that he lamented returning home.  As we were driving to my mom's house, he asked if his friends would remember him and want to play with him again. We both crossed our fingers that his playmates would be available.

After spending a few hours with his Nana, Robby put on his shoes and headed up the street to find his playmates. When he didn't return home, we assumed that he had found them. Sitting on my mom's porch I could hear his squeals and giggles, confirming that he was busy playing. When the sun was beginning to set I headed out to find him. He was happily jumping on the neighbors trampoline with a small army of new friends. 

While Timmy and I were quietly visiting with my mom on Saturday, Robby was busy playing. He left her house after lunch and only returned for bathroom breaks and a snack. Seeing him so happy with playmates, I began to wonder if we should consider moving to a neighborhood with children. I love our house in the woods, but maybe the seclusion isn't the best thing for the boys? In the meantime, at least he can always play with his neighborhood friends at Nana's house. 

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