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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snow Day Adventure

School has been canceled until next Tuesday. I was so taken aback when I read the announcement text that I had to go onto the district webpage to confirm. Fortunately for Robby (and perhaps to the chagrin of parents across the county), the text message was correct.

Robby and Scott have been practically home bound since I left for New York last Wednesday. Although Scott has made a few forays to the grocery store and 7-11, Robby has opted to stay home and play with his friend. My little Koopa has been having a wonderful time playing with Jack, but both Scott and I thought perhaps a little separation and playmate variety would be beneficial. (The pair have been inseparable for over a week.) I decided it was time to plan a snow day adventure.

After making arrangements to pick up a school friend on the way, we all piled into the SUV and headed to the trampoline park. Robby's complaints about leaving Jack quickly stopped when he saw his friend Jenna come running out of her house. Within minutes of securing our wrist bands and donning the special trampoline socks, everybody was happily hopping.

We all jumped and played for almost three hours. Timmy was especially active, gleefully spending his time bunny hopping among the trampoline squares and giggling. Scott even got into the action, showing off his jumping skills and "old school tricks." 

The kids were so impressed with Scott's acrobatics that they begged me to make a video. I'm glad I did, because I was able to catch this memory forever.  So much for bragging about his trick skills. 

(Please know that only his pride was hurt and continued jumping for another hour after this was filmed.)

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