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Monday, January 25, 2016


Friday morning I woke up in NYC, spinning from an exciting albeit exhausting adventure. Part of me just wanted to lounge in the large hotel room bed, commanding the remote control while sipping coffee in peace and quiet.  The prospect of not having to watch Teen Titans or Thomas the Train was definitely enticing.

It seemed that every television channel (not dedicated to cartoons) was relaying the same story. A snowstorm was approaching, and it was going to be big. I put my desire to pamper and relax to the side and quickly packed my belongings. I hurried to the train station and changed my ticket so that I would arrive at my Mom's before the flakes began to fall.

Although I was sad leaving the city prematurely, I was happy with the decision. To say that the snowstorm was "big" seems to be an understatement. My Mom was walloped with 30 inches of snow, a record in her area. Seeing the snow pile up so quickly was amazing to watch!

The fact that I wasn't forced to shovel the snow made the blizzard more enjoyable. Because of the organ prolapse, I'm restricted from lifting and bending excessively. (Perhaps this is the only benefit of the diagnosis!)  My sister had to take the lead with the shovel while I was relegated to cheerleader. She was able to clear much of the driveway and the sidewalk, but the piles from the snowplow were simply too much for her to move.

Wanting to contribute to the snow removal efforts, I contacted a local friend who runs a plowing business. He is coming today to finish the job so that we can exit the driveway. Sometimes, it is just worth it to pay a professional. 

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