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Friday, January 22, 2016

Superwoman Pose

Good morning from Times Square NY! While I love the energy of the city, I know that I would be miserable living here. I am definitely a person who needs space and quiet, neither of which are readily available in this bustling and brightly lit corner of the world. I do enjoy visiting, and I always go home with more appreciation for the tranquility of only hearing my kiddos running around the house.

Everything went well yesterday. True to form, I was utterly terrified before starting. I read online that I should strike a "Superwoman" pose to ready because the feigned confidence would trickle down into reality. Thinking that it made sense, I ducked into the bathroom, quietly began to sing my theme song (I Will Survive) and struck my fiercest Superwoman pose before starting. In retrospect I should have completed the exercise on the other side of a locked stall door. The group of women who entered and witnessed my Superwoman impersonation while singing "I Will Survive" (off key but enthusiastically) were certainly taken off guard.

Despite my Superwoman embarrassment, I think it all went well. My mind is still reeling from the experience, and I know that it will take me a few days to decompress. Since I signed a confidentiality agreement, I am not going to be able to share the details until directed, but know that I did my best and had a blast!

Yesterday was an amazing experience, but I'm going to be happy to reunited with my Timmy. I know that he has been having fun with my Mom, but I'm looking forward to watching him dance and to taking him sledding tomorrow. With the forecast of up to 3 feet of snow at home, it may be a few days before I make my way back to Virginia to be with my other boys.

I've been assured that they are fine, stocked up on cheese in a can and hot dogs.  Robby and his friend Jack have plans to build a tunnel between their houses so that they can play, and seem quite excited about the overwhelming snowfall.  While I'm worried about them, I am trying to remind myself that they will be fine.  I'm sure that they will have an "epic" father and son snow adventure weekend.

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