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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Greener Grass Underfoot

Prosthetic technology continues to improve at a rapid pace. I'm amazed at the differences between the prosthesis I utilized ten years ago and my modern version. At the time I was walking on the "state of the art" technology. Now the system appears clunky and obsolete compared to the latest innovations.

Yesterday I visited Elliot and was afforded the opportunity to walk on a new foot and ankle system. Although not a bionic or hydraulic device, the ankle does tout some active movement during ambulation. I was eager to attach it to my socket and give it a whirl!

Although it initially felt heavy, I was impressed with the smoothness and rollover when stepping. Stairs were easier because the foot seemed to reset into a natural position, allowing me to walk without altering my stride. With Timmy on my hip (his preferred position lately) I walked around outside, which is where I began to fully covet this new foot. I could easily walk up and down the ramps with a normal gait while holding Hamlet. For me, this is important because we walk a lot of hills together.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep the foot. To my chagrin, Elliot dismantled my prosthesis and reattached my current foot. (It's odd how something that felt fine just an hour earlier suddenly felt outdated and barbaric in comparison.)  I'm going to begin the process to secure the foot, but I'm not terribly optimistic that it will happen quickly. I know that it will be a fight because it is always a battle trying to secure new devices and supplies. I guess I'd better get my battle armor ready!

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