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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gift from Nana

Growing up I always wanted a trampoline.  I, along with my siblings, pleaded our case on several occasions. Each time we were met with the same verdict, being summarily denied. My mom simply responded by saying no and adding that they were unsafe. She vowed to never purchase a trampoline, and instructed us all to put our desires somewhere else.

Fast forward 35 years. Monday two large boxes arrived in our driveway, a gift to Robby and Timmy from my mom. And what did their Nana send them? You guessed it: a 15 foot trampoline. (I've learned that hypocrisy is a moot point when grandparents are involved. What wasn't appropriate for me is always the perfect gift for the grandbabies.)

Robby was over the moon with his gift, and immediately began to plan assembly. He watched YouTube videos on trampoline assembly and was delighted that it only took 18 minutes. Of course he failed to realize, or chose to ignore, that the video was stopped on several occasions so that each step could be completed. He began to nag his Dad about putting up the trampoline as soon as he opened the front door. 

Monday Robby graciously offered his Daddy a pass on assembly due to the heavy rain. Yesterday Scott was not nearly as lucky. Robby and his friend Jack met Scott as he drove home from work, chomping at the bit to get to work. After all, they insisted that they were only 18 minutes away from jumping!

Well, Robby's 18 minute promise stretched into three hours. But by the time the sun was setting, Robby was living one of my childhood dreams. He was jumping on his very own trampoline. All of his neighborhood friends converged in our back yard and bounced well into the night. The trampoline is a hit, and I have no doubt that it will be well used and loved.  Well played Nana, well played!

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