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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Misadventures in Babysitting

Early last week, after going through due diligence, I made a call which made me nervous but which I knew was necessary. I reached out and scheduled a babysitter for Timmy. I have never felt comfortable leaving my kids with anybody but family and a tight circle of friends, but sometimes situations arise where it becomes necessary to hire a professional. Scott and I both felt comfortable with our selection and took solace in the recommendations from friends.

I was scheduled to speak at an event yesterday morning and having Hamlet tag along would not have been appropriate. As it turns out, my engagement was rescheduled and I was planning to use the sitter so that I could get some much needed "Peggy time."  I felt guilty cancelling the sitter at the last minute and wanted to keep my promise of employment. It turns out that this decision was ironic at its core.
The sitter was scheduled to arrive at my house at 8:30 to allow time for both her and Timmy to become acquainted before I needed to scoot. As the minutes ticked away on the clock, my anxiety began to rise. At first I was nervous about leaving Timmy and saying goodbye. Then the source of my anxiety shifted as I realized that it was past 8:30 and that she had not yet arrived.

My calls were not answered, and by 9:00 I was left with no choice but to pack up Timmy and head out. I was furious that the babysitter, whom we had hired and vetted, had seemingly dismissed her commitment. Although I never wish an accident or illness on anybody, part of me was hopeful that something organic had interfered with her honoring her obligations.

After making my morning rounds, I returned home and found the note that I left on my door undisturbed letting me know that she had never made it to our house. I began to worry that perhaps something bad had happened to her. At 11:00 my doorbell rang, and I was relieved to see her standing on the other side.

I became furious when I opened the door and smelled the alcohol wreaking from her body and breath. She stumbled and slurred her words, laughing about it being a "rough night." She apologized for being late, explaining that she was hungover and had overslept. Had she been observant, I'm sure she would have seen the steam coming out of my ears.

Proud of the composure I mustered, I politely explained that I no longer needed a sitter. Before closing the door, she asked for my telephone number because she had lost it. I told her that I would call her, and proceeded to close the door.  (I didn't slam it, but I really wanted to!)

I feel as if we dodged a daycare bullet. I can't believe that I almost left Timmy with somebody so irresponsible. Now we are back to square one, but I'm fairly sure it is going to be a long time before Scott and I trust anybody else with our little guy.

On a side note, it has been brought to my attention that I failed to reveal the remainder of Scott's birthday surprises.  Here is a review:

1. Cleaning his mancave
2. Favorite cake
3. All-Inclusive tickets to the Caps v. Penguins game (including all-you-can eat and drink buffet before and during the game).  I also brought Robby and Timmy to his school to deliver cupcakes for his students to celebrate his birthday.

4. Favorite lunch secured and delivered from his preferred bar b q restaurant
5. Donuts for him and his students.
6. Photo of me and the boys (professionally taken and framed)

7. Favorite bean dip and a 12 pack of Corona

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