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Thursday, March 03, 2016

New Friendships

Ever since the new neighbors moved in, Robby has been scarce.  I can hear his squeals and giggles through the neighborhood, but he is never home. He and Jack have become inseparable. From the moment they come home from school until one of them is called home for dinner, they are always busy playing, exploring, and crafting. 

I knew that a true friendship had been solidified when they began to jointly decorate the tree house. Dubbed the "Bro Fort," the walls are now adorn with various signs, license plates and pictures. My old lawn furniture has been rescued and re-purposed for the Bro Fort, providing the boys the opportunity to "relax like men." 

While I barely see my little Koopa, he is still present and active in Mr. Bill's life.  Only now instead of just one curious 9 year old visiting, Mr. Bill must contend with two. I think he enjoys answering his door to greet two freckle faced boys who pepper him with questions and requests for stories about his "pioneer days." 

Robby isn't the only one reaping the friendship benefits from our new neighbors.  I have enjoyed visiting with the Mom and while I'm guarded about calling her a friend yet, we have definitely developed a comfortable rapport. Scott has enjoyed more than one Friday night with the Dad, playing video games and drinking beer.

Even Timmy has garnered a new friend.  Daisy, Jack's younger sister who is only three years old, met Timmy a few days ago when we were playing in the yard.  Before I knew it, the pair were running around together.  She must have had a good time because yesterday afternoon Daisy showed up at my front door saying, "I play with Timmy."  (I texted her parents who were frantic that she was missing.)

With new friendships budding, I have a feeling that this is going to be a great spring and summer!

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