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Friday, April 08, 2016

Date Night

Last night Scott and I did something that we haven't done in the ten years since becoming parents.  We hired a non-related babysitter and went out for the night. After nearly a decade, we had a proper date night!

I bought Scott all-inclusive tickets to the Washington Capitals v. Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game for his birthday last month. Last night was the game, and to my surprise he wanted me to accompany him.  (The original plan was for him to take a friend, but he had a difficult time finding somebody willing to be out so late on a work night.)  Although I was nervous about the boys at home, I was able to relax and have a good time. (Of course, the unlimited wine certainly helped that cause.)

While I am not one to sit down and watch hockey on television, I have to admit that the game was fun. The excitement of the crowd was contagious, and I thoroughly enjoyed cheering and screaming along with everybody.  Scott had a great time, which was the most important because it was his birthday present. 

We came home late because the game went into overtime, sending me into another panic about the sitter. Then metro trains were running late, forcing us to add nearly an hour to our travel time.  By the time we finally made it home it was almost midnight and we had been gone for almost eight hours.  Needless to say, the sitter cost almost as much as the hockey tickets, but it was worth it for a much overdue date night. 

Rocking the Red at the arena!

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