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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Insurance Stupidity

After dropping off Robby at school, Timmy and I headed to my doctor appointment. Although I do have a sore on the back of my residual limb because of socket issues, that was not the primary purpose of the appointment. I was forced to take time out of my schedule and schlep a squirmy two year old into an unnecessary appointment simply to secure medical verification that my status as an amputee has remained unchanged in the past twelve months.  Talk about an nonsensical insurance requirement!

I  can understand seeking medical feedback when a new prosthetic is required. Devices are expensive and the wrong components can wreak havoc on the body. That being said, few doctors actually understand prosthetic components enough to differentiate the appropriateness of a device. Typically the prosthetist and/or patient provides the necessary verbiage for the obligatory medical prescription. Knowing that my doctor is going to rely upon me to draft the prescription, the whole appointment tends to feel like a useless endeavor.

If my insurance adjuster wants to be picky (which is her preferred operating method), I have to visit my doctor again to receive prescriptions for liners and supplies. Again, I am asked to provide the wording for the prescriptions which I am happy to do because I at least know that they will be written to the correct standards. I tend to procrastinate these appointments, hence the reason I have a small sore on the back of my leg.

Yesterday's visit was particularly frustrating. I was on my annual quest to seek medical confirmation of my amputee status. Seriously? I have to go to the doctor every single year to document that my leg has not returned. Apparently my adjuster must believe there is a possibility I am part salamander.  Talk about a colossal waste of time, energy and money!

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