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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Wheels

Yesterday was a big day in my Koopa's life. He was watching the clock all day, anxious for it to finally indicate 3:00. When it was time he went bounding down the stairs and sprinting to the car, screaming for me to hurry up. He was buckled in and ready to roll before I even wrangled Timmy into his car seat.  He was beyond excited to be receiving a new bicycle.

Robby's winter growth spurt was blatantly obvious when he attempted to ride his old bike. His knees kept hitting the handle bars when he turned, and no matter how hard he pedaled his little wheels couldn't keep up with his friends on their "big kid" bikes.  As soon as we told Robby that he would receive a new bicycle he began researching, shopping and begging to go to the bike store. In an effort to avoid the weekend crowds and to appease our eager Koopa, Scott and I decided to meet at the store after work.

Robby is now the owner of a bright yellow/ green "big kid" bike. He is proud of all 21 speeds his new wheels boasts, and vows to utilize them all. Fit with a new speedometer, Robby is ready to track his his miles for an upcoming bike-a-thon fundraiser which he joined to raise money for cancer research.

During the month of June, Robby has vowed to ride at least 100 miles as part of the Great Cycle Challenge. He has joined in honor my Dad (his Candy Papaw) and is determined to raise as much money as possible. With his new bike, I have no doubt that he will be successful achieving his goal.

(Here is his fundraising page if you are inclined to make a donation.)

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