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Friday, April 29, 2016

Beware of the SMB

With the rain continuing yesterday and out of an effort to keep Timmy the Terrible at bay, I decided to take my little guy to Toddler Time at the trampoline park. He loves jumping, and I hoped that the concentrated exercise would help him expel some energy. To be honest, I'm not sure that my house would be able to handle another day of trying to contain my little tornado.  

Timmy had a great time jumping, and I must admit that I had fun too. I love seeing him so carefree and happy. We hopped and played for almost two hours, and the smile on his face endeared him to everybody. 

Well, his smile and giggles endeared him to almost everybody. We did have one unfortunate encounter from a member of the "Snob Mom Brigade." The "Snob Mom Brigade (SNB)," although probably not a sanctioned organization, seems to have broad membership. Its members frequent toddler playgroups where they spend their time sitting and casting judgment on other moms. 

Children of members are always perfectly attired and coiffed. Mine is often sporting crumbs from the snack he ate in the car or dirt from our morning escapades.  No matter how hard I try, he always appears disheveled. Needless to say, I've yet to receive my membership invitation for this highly elite group.  

While jumping with Timmy, my little guy apparently pushed a member of the SMB to her breaking point.  As we were disembarking the trampoline, she actually walked to the edge and met me with a broad smile.  Then, in a sing-song voice began to chastise me.  "Why is your child still in pajamas? You should change him into street clothes when going into public. He'll never learn if you don't take the time to dress him." 

With Timmy pulling against my grip as he fought to reach a Cheerio he saw on the floor, I tried to process what she said. I quickly recognized her as a member of the SMB and knew that any response would be summarily dismissed. This organization's members are not interested in debate. Their whole purpose is to feel superior by making other moms feel bad. Instead of responding I just smiled and said that we are a family that thrives on comfort.  I walked away with my head held high, crunching the Cheerio as I stepped so that Timmy wouldn't return to retrieve it later.

Just to clarify, he was not wearing his pajamas (this time.)  He was sporting a one piece stretchie that is marketed as a Sleep & Play garment.  I considered jumping on a rainy day to be the play.

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