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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nonsensical Appointment- again

Last week my insurance company forced me to seek medical confirmation of my continued amputee status. While I was frustrated that I had to take time out of my schedule for an unnecessary medical appointment, I complied with the request. During the exam I clearly stated the reason for the visit and requested (numerous times) that my socket issues and limb pain be clearly documented in my medical records. Having written countless prosthetic appeals, I know the value of clarity in the medical records when requesting a new prosthesis.  My doctor was agreeable and promised to clearly document all of the issues I stated.

It turns out that my doctor lied.  Not only did he fail to mention the open skin sore, chaffing and residual limb pain, but he failed state that I was an amputee. The chart documenting medical appointment was a complete waste of time, forcing me now to undergo another unnecessary medical appointment with my surgeon. 

I was furious when I discovered my physician's documentation failures. I know that he is busy, but the sole purpose of the appointment was seeking the correct medical documentation. He knew the purpose of the appointment, he examined my residual limb and he saw my open sore. I could not have been clearer about what needed to be documented. We even discussed optimal verbiage to solidify the case with my insurance adjuster.  Despite everything that transpired during the appointment, nothing was documented. 

Today Timmy and I are traveling to visit my surgeon. I am confident that he will affirm my amputee status and correctly document the residual limb issues that I am experiencing. I am frustrated that I have to take another afternoon to abide by these archaic requests, but I have no choice but to comply. I need a new leg, so I am forced to play by their rules. Perhaps someday logic will rule, but we are certainly not there yet!

As soon as I come home, I'm going to start looking for a new family doctor. My current physician failed to listen and trust has been broken.

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