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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Cooking Day

Currently I am sipping my coffee, watching Timmy run around the house while listening to the birds chirp outside. Everything is calm and quiet (calm by toddler standards of course) but that will soon change. Today is perhaps my busiest cooking day of the year as I prepare luncheon food for 35 ravenous teenagers.

Tomorrow is Scott's traditional graduation luncheon, an event which is highly anticipated by his students. Due to socioeconomic and/or family issues, our luncheon is the only celebration many of his students will receive to mark the graduation milestone. I try to keep this in mind when I become frazzled cooking and baking. His students have worked hard and deserve to be honored in a special way, so a messy kitchen and a tired leg will have to be casualties in my quest to get everything done.

When Robby was Timmy's age, he was a versed helper in the kitchen. He was cracking eggs at two, and stirring like a seasoned pro. It is amazing how two brothers can be completely different.  If I were to entrust Timmy with an egg he would likely throw it against the wall to watch it splat. We would then embark on a race to see who could get to the splattered egg goo first. In all likelihood he would win, and would take the opportunity to smear it as far as he could before getting caught.

Timmy cannot yet be trusted in the kitchen, so I will be preparing the luncheon food solo this year.  Perhaps next year he'll be a helper. In the meantime, I'll be splitting my attention between cooking and keeping him out of trouble. Wish me luck!

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