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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Leg Hunt Part 2

Yesterday I scoured the house, to no avail, trying to find my swim leg. He was eager to follow me around and excited to help me look, but Timmy was no help in my quest. He did have a great time throwing himself into our search by tossing all of the pillows off the couch and emptying his toy baskets on the living room floor. We succeeded in creating a mess, but failed in our goal.

Asking Timmy to find Momom's leg, I realized that this was another one of those situations unique to our family. No other toddler in his little play groups will ever have to scour the house to locate a missing appendage, but it is Timmy's norm. This will certainly not be the first time he will be asked to help locate or to retrieve my leg, so he might as well get used it to early. 

My missing swim leg, coupled with the realization that Robby has yet to be cleared from swimming after his ear surgery, forced me to abandon our afternoon pool plans. Instead I filled up our powered water guns and let the boys blast each other. (Timmy opted to splash on his water table, content to watch his brother play.) I sat on the swing, soaking up the sun when I had a revelation. 

My swim leg was in the corner of the laundry room! I stashed it there when I caught Robby and Jack using it as a sword during one of our snow storms. It was nagging at me so much when I couldn't find it that I almost jumped up and down from excitement when it was recovered. 

Today we are going to the ear doctor, and Robby will hopefully receive clearance to swim. It is supposed to be hot again, and now that I have my water leg there is nothing holding us back. After a long winter, I will finally be poolside. Of course, at some point I really need to clean up the mess created during our great leg hunt. 

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