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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wanting to be Drunk On a Plane

As our plane was soaring into the clouds yesterday I couldn't help but feel as if we were flying deeper into the abyss of Hell.  Timmy was not amused with his forced confinement, and all of my efforts to occupy him were in vain. Lollipops, goldfish crackers, french fries and small plastic toys littering the floor became a testament to his refusals. He was miserable and he was loud.

Scott and Robby took advantage of the empty seat row in front of us by moving from the little terror at the first opportunity. While I knew that logically the move was prudent, I couldn't help but feel abandoned with my little flying demon. In our family, as in many that I know, the Mom tends to draw the short end of the straw with these opportunities.

I felt a surge of relief when the plane finally touched down. As soon as he was released from the chair, Timmy was smiling and happy. He jumped down the aisle with a huge smile as he deplaned while I followed red faced and frazzled, apologizing profusely to anybody who attempted eye contact.

Unfortunately the flight was not the only stressful event. When we arrived at baggage claim we learned that the airline misplaced our car seat. I think that the luggage attendant could tell that I was at my breaking point. With tears about to start rolling she swooped into action and produced a new car seat for us to use until ours is found. While it isn't as nice as ours, it is safe and allowed us to finally leave the airport.

Timmy had an extremely difficult night sleeping, probably from his long day of traveling and being in an unfamiliar area. I was up soothing him every 15 minutes from midnight until dawn. (There is that short straw in action again.)   Hopefully today he will take a nap because I certainly need it!

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