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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Greetings from Jellystone Campground!

My sister's kids have wanted to visit Jellystone for years. I toyed with the notion of taking them for a night, but when I found a Groupon I knew I had stumbled upon our next adventure.  We are staying in a cabin (air conditioned with a full bath because I don't enjoy roughing it) until Wednesday.  All of the kids (minus Robby who knew about the plans) burst into tears when they arrived and realized that we were staying.

My Mom and I packed and meticulously planned for this surprise.  We packed their clothes, fishing poles, sleeping bags, favorite stuffed animals and a carful of food without their knowledge.  My Mom even bought them all underwater digital watches so nobody missed an activity.

Jellystone is more than the typical campground.  They offer an amazing variety of structured kid-centric activities every hour throughout the day. Yesterday my nephew's played in a laser tag competition while Robby and Tiffany competed in the pool game Olympics. In the evening we all went to play Bingo (Robby triumphantly won a round.)

Today is chocked full of activities and adventures.  It will be hot, but hopefully the thunder storms will stay away.  I think it is safe to say that I knocked this year's Aunt Peggy Adventure out of the park!

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