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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Vacation Plans

Somehow this is becoming the summer of Groupon. I started BootCamp because of a Groupon. Ironically, we also go out for ice cream every few days because of another fantastic deal from Groupon. I booked a Pirate ship adventure through the deal website, and yesterday I went ahead and booked a family beach vacation. I am thrilled with the deal that I snagged, and I can't wait to walk the boardwalk and the beach with my boys.

I grew up going to the beach every summer. Each year I find myself missing the sights, smells and sounds of the boardwalk at night. I haven't experienced it in 20 years, yet I remember the details as if it were yesterday. Every year I vow to return to revisit the quintessential summer adventure. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to make it work until this year.  I am so excited to have Scott, Robby and Timmy enjoy a true boardwalk experience. 

I'm excited about the boardwalk, but not entirely thrilled about the beach. I realize that it sounds completely contradictory. I love to look at the ocean, to smell the salt water and to feel the salt laced breeze on my skin. But walking in the sand is laborious and difficult with a prosthesis, quickly robbing me of enjoyment. I am reminded of my amputation with every step in the sand, which quickly leaves me both frustrated and exhausted.

I am counting on the excitement of my boys to override my sand based frustrations. I love watching Robby play in the surf with Scott, and I'm sure that Timmy will thoroughly enjoy digging in the sand and finding shells. Once I accept that walking is different, I'm sure I'll be able to relax and enjoy the beach.

The boys (Scott included) don't know about the vacation, and I'm trying to figure out if and when I might reveal my secret. (Obviously, Scott doesn't read this blog often so I feel safe sharing my secret here.) Part of me wants to pack and prepare without assistance so that they can be kept in the dark until we arrive at the beach. Then I think of the work that doing everything by myself would entail, and I realize that it is probably best to at least clue Scott in on the destination.

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