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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Yesterday Robby and Rowan (his friend from down the street) decided to open a lemonade stand. Unlike the traditional entrepreneurial venture designed to make money for the proprietors, the pair  planned to donate all revenue to charity. At first I was surprised when I learned that they were not planning to keep the revenue and I wanted to make sure that they understood that they would be working for free.  With the friends agreeing that it would be fun to raise money for the kids at St. Jude Hospital, we set their plan for R&R Lemonade into motion. 

I made the lemonade while they scavenged around the basement for cups and an ice cooler. They made signs, loaded up the wagon and headed up the street to set up their stand. To be honest I wasn't overly optimistic that they would attract much business. Our neighborhood isn't particularly busy, especially during the afternoon, but I didn't want to deter their efforts. I promised to visit and purchase lemonade in about an hour.

As Timmy and I walked up the street to buy a glass of lemonade, I found myself hoping that I wasn't their only customer. The smiles on their faces immediately told me that my worries were for naught. They were selling lemonade almost as quickly as they could pour it.  It turns out that those driving by couldn't resist the "Lemonade for Charity" and "Help Kids Help Kids" signs that they strategically posted throughout the development.  Everybody who stopped was informed about the efforts of St. Jude by the friends who now consider themselves self-proclaimed experts on the facility (thanks to the infomercial they watched earlier in the afternoon.) 

With all of our parental failings, sometimes I look at Robby and realize that we have done something right. His generous spirit absolutely amazes me. R&R Lemonade was open for four hours and raised a grand total of $57.  Building on their success, the pair are already making plans for R&R Cocoa during the Autumn and Winter months.

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