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Monday, August 15, 2016

Slowly Returning to Routine

On Friday Scott traveled to my Mom's, arriving in time to pick me up at the train station. We had been planning on taking the boys to an amusement park on Saturday. The sweltering temperatures thwarted those plans. It was too hot to be outside, so we filled the time helping my Mom around the house and going back-to-school shopping. (It wasn't exactly the adventure weekend we had planned but we tried to make the best of it.)

Yesterday I helped my Mom move the furniture and paint my nephews' bedroom. My sister and her three kids have been living with my Mom for nearly four years, so we figured it was time to personalize the bedrooms. I know that they will be thrilled when they return from their vacation with their Dad to discover the newly decorated military-themed retreat. 

Summer vacation ends today for Scott, who is scheduled to report back to work at 8 this morning. He isn't happy about the transition back to school but it won't take him long to get into the swing of his new schedule. This is his 23rd year teaching (all at the same school) so he has considerable experience with the back-to-school experience.  Robby has another two weeks of vacation left, days which he tends to spend relaxing at the pool and playing video games. 

With Scott returning to work, I will be on my own with Robby and Timmy. I know that they are both going to miss him, and I fully expect them to be extra needy for the next few days. Unfortunately this week is a busy one for me, stacked with meetings and a conference presentation. I'm going to try, but I don't see myself accomplishing a lot of work until Timmy goes to bed for the night.

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