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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Proud Day

Last week Robby tested the waters of Karate. Thanks to a Groupon, he signed up for a six week introductory program. To the surprise of both Scott and me, he absolutely loved it. He was eager to go to each class and anxiously demonstrated his new skills and techniques to anybody who would watch.

Yesterday, as he was preparing for class at the Dojo, I was pulled aside by the office manager. I was prepared for a hard sell on the membership, and I was determined to stay firm on waiting to enroll. In the battle of the office manager versus  Momom, the manager won. The pleas of Robby to continue lessons with his new friends sealed the deal, and I signed the contract. 

My little karate kid beams when he is on the mat. He is definitely not the most coordinated, but he tries and he is having fun. I hope he continues to enjoy it because we are committed to three lessons per week for the next year. (Did I mention that I completely folded during the sales pitch?)

At the end of the lesson, Robby was presented with his white belt. The entire Dojo was called to attention to witness the belting ceremony. My little Karate Koopa was beaming as he was bestowed with a bright white belt. As soon as we left and returned to the car he asked for my telephone. He was excited to call his Nana to tell her all about his achievement, remarking numerous times that it was a "proud day." 

He doesn't yet realize that his earning the beginner belt was dependent solely upon my credit card clearing, and quite honestly I don't think it is something that I need to point out to him. He pushed himself outside of his comfort zone to try Karate, and he should be proud. I hope that he continues to make friends and flourish because, if he does, it will be worth every cent.

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