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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Paralympic Dreams Unappreciated

The Paralympics are being held in Rio this week, but the media coverage has been a mere blip against the constant stream of news. Those who are immersed in the disability community are excited about the feats of these athletes, but it feels like the general public either doesn't know about or doesn't care about the games. I would like to think that the indifference is because the games are not receiving the same hype as the Olympics. Perhaps the timing is less than opportune as households across the country are struggling to regain a sense of normalcy with the new school year schedule. Whatever the reason, the reception has felt deflating.

This past Sunday, four Paralympians ran the 1500 faster than it was run during the Olympic finals. Sadly this amazing feat has been unrecognized and the athletes did not receive their due mentions on Sport Center and in the sports pages.  The four runners are completely blind yet ran faster than the Olympic gold medalist at the same distance. If you ask me, that's incredible and definitely newsworthy!

Some Paralympic competitions are being streamed online and a select few have dedicated television viewing times on select NBC channels. Juxtaposed against the nonstop, multi channel coverage of the Olympics last month, the Paralympic Game coverage feels woefully inadequate. Of course, I am probably biased because I have several friends who are competing in the games.  I feel slighted on their behalf.

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