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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Closure Attained

Considering that a sore on my limb rendered me immobile Saturday evening, I am amazed at my recovery. I have progressed from crawling around on a hotel room floor because I couldn't wear my leg to walking and chasing after Timmy with minimal discomfort. Every once in awhile, usually when twisting, I felt a sudden reminder of the sore. I will definitely take occasional bites over constant pain!

I am not sure how I hurt my limb, but I suspect that my skin became pinched in the socket during the long drive to western Pennsylvania. After more than a decade as an amputee, I'm always surprised when I have a new experience. Unfortunately, at this stage in my post-amputation life, new experiences tend to lean towards the negative. Thankfully I am experienced enough to render proper limb triage when these situations arise, allowing me to heal quickly.

The pain in my limb certainly did not help my affect over the weekend, but I am feeling much better now. Not only am I physically healed, but I feel an emotional closure that I was lacking. I will always miss my Dad, but I am now able to filter through all of my memories and feelings surrounding our relationship. It was far from ideal, but instead of dwelling on the "what ifs" I am going to hold onto the happy memories.

I learned a lot from him professionally, and I am going to continue to apply those lessons throughout my career. By remembering and trusting the professional advice he imparted, I am keeping his memory alive.  I will always miss him, but I have gained some perspective and peace over his passing. Even though it was inconvenient and a difficult weekend, the unveiling was good for me.

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