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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Organizational Fail

This morning I am waking up feeling like a maternal failure. It is only the fourth day and already Robby is missing school. He is absent solely due to my negligence and through no fault or illness of his own. I overlooked having the car emissions completed, and now my car is with the mechanic until they have time to complete the necessary diagnostics sometime today. In the meantime I am without a car and unable to transport him to school. 

I have tried to become more organized, and for the most part I think I have been successful. This is the first "oops" in awhile and it wouldn't be an issue if the timing had been more favorable.  Occurring in the middle of the first week back to school certainly does not bode well.  Of course, Robby has been completely forgiving of my lapse and has promised that he will make the most of being home. Little does he realize that I have printed out a stack of worksheets to help occupy his time away from school.

Thankfully Robby's teachers know me and understand that I am fully devoted to his academic endeavors. His missing school because of my mistake is a rare occurrence and is not a precursor of the months ahead.  Still, I feel like a heel for messing up. I guess I need to continue refining my organization method because there is obviously room for improvement.

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