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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Learn from My (Stubborn) Mistake

Looking for a silver lining has been difficult, but I think I finally managed to locate one. Between the bed bug feasting on my extremities and Timmy being ill, the past three weeks have been considerably different than our norm. I have been forced to slow down and take it easy. Instead of running around and shuffling between activities and play areas, we have been playing quietly at home. While I certainly miss interacting with the world and I'm feeling stir crazy tethered at home, my limb has been able to finally heal from the sores that developed from both the bites and an ill fitting socket. 

I have been dealing with limb sores for almost a year. The sores have fluctuated from being open and oozing blisters to merely raised reminders of an abrasion that has finally closed. Over the past year, the pain has also varied between nagging discomfort to excruciating agony as my leg rubbed with each step. Despite my trying just about every topical remedy recommended (and a few that I invented on my own), the sores never completely healed.

With our schedule drastically impacted over the past three weeks, my leg has finally healed. The skin over the sore has completely healed and the area is no longer tender. I don't have to stop to adjust my socket when I'm walking, and my skin is intact when I remove my liner at the end of the day. Finally, after a year I feel like my leg is healthy and back to normal!

I knew that complete healing would require my slowing down and minimizing my prosthetic use. Of course that is easier said than done, especially when I am chasing around a toddler all day.  Admittedly, my refusing to let my leg issues dictate my activities was a detrimental choice. If I could turn back the clock and take better care of my leg when the sores first presented, I would make different decisions. Please learn from my stubborn mistake: slow down and allow yourself to completely heal before continuing with heavy prosthetic use. I know that it is both inconvenient and frustrating, but having a healthy limb is worth the sacrifice.

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