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Monday, January 02, 2017

Ampdpod.com is here!

Happy New Year!!

It seems that Dave and I always end up plotting and scheming (in a good way) when we get together in person. When we were in New York last month for the award ceremony, we ended up huddled in a corner trying to figure out a better way to help our podcast listeners. Our spouses were extremely patient as we sketched and planned throughout the evening. It wasn't long before we began laying out and building a complementary website.

From our swanky new logo to a stellar toolbox (which is light right now but will become heavier as more podcasts are recorded), we are delighted to reveal our new website.  Ampdpod.com will be updated to coincide with the release of each new podcast episode. In response to feedback from friends and members of the limb loss community, we have provided in depth reviews of our podcasts to facilitate access for those with hearing impairments.

Our Toolbox houses helpful forms, guides and other information we reference in the podcast. Currently we have created a downloadable form for helping our listeners conduct interviews with Prosthetists before choosing a practitioner.  We encourage everybody to print off these interview questions as you search for appropriate care.

In our Toolbox will also find our five step method to winning insurance appeals.  (Battling insurance appeals is a passion for us!) Our step-by-step guide for winning your prosthetic insurance appeal is referred to in the industry as the "McGill method" and has, until now, only been available to practitioners and billing specialists who have attended seminars and training. We are excited to provide it to our listeners.
Please visit us at www.ampdpod.com and check it out. We invite you to subscribe so that you never miss an update or recording.

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