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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Belt Display

Robby continues to thoroughly enjoy his Taekwondo classes. While I would never label him as athletic, he has definitely improved since he started class. The only time he seemed discouraged was when he was beaten by a six year old girl during sparring practice. He just isn't a physically aggressive person, so leaning in and striking is counter intuitive for him. He will be the first person to stand up in defense of a friend, but being the aggressor is just not in his composition.

Scott and I are not the only ones who have seen a metamorphosis in Robby over the past few months. His teacher commented that he is more outgoing in class and physically confident on the playground. Mr. Bill has witnessed improvements in Robby's coordination, which has always been a weak area because of his hearing issues. As an unexpected bonus, the mere threat of telling "Grand Master" about any snarky behavior is now enough to snap him back into line.

Mr. Bill, although initially skeptical about the lessons, is now one of his biggest cheerleaders.  Robby is always excited to show him the new forms, kicks and strikes that he is mastering. Each time he earns a new stripe he makes two calls; one to my Mom and then to Mr. Bill.  Both are equally proud and excited for his accomplishments.

A few days ago Mr. Bill came over to our house with a surprise for Robby. In anticipation of continued success, he had crafted a belt display holder. Robby was flabbergasted by the gift and almost cried when Mr. Bill presented it. It isn't often that my little Koopa is at a loss for words, but this was definitely one of those occasions.  The display board will be prominently hung in his bedroom. I'm fairly certain that the fact that he has something crafted, with love, by Mr. Bill will mean more than any of the belts that it holds.

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