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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sick Hamlet

Yesterday morning I knew that my little Hamlet was sick before I even went into his room. The fact that it was 7 AM and he hadn't woken up was the tell-tale sign that we were going to have a sick day. True to my prediction, he was burning up with a fever when I picked him up out of his crib. Typically full of energy and happy, he was lethargic and flat.  My heart breaks when my kids aren't feeling well.

His fever fluctuated throughout the day, reaching 103 when the Tylenol was wearing off and lowering to 101 when the medication was working. He sporadically crawled off the couch and played with his trains, but it never lasted for long. He just didn't have the energy to play, so we spent the majority of the day curled up on the couch watching Team Umizoomi.

Just like his brother, Timmy wants his Daddy when he is sick. He was asking for him throughout the day, and the only time he really perked up and smiled was when I told him that his Daddy was home. Almost as soon as Scott sat down Timmy curled up on his lap. If Timmy hadn't been sick it would have been an adorable scene. Although it was wonderful witnessing the bond between father and son, I was saddened because I knew that my Hamlet wasn't feeling well.

Timmy hasn't yet woken up, which is an indication that today will be a repeat of yesterday. I feel so helpless when he is sick. I wish that Momom and Daddy cuddles could heal viruses, but sometimes all we can do is love him and wait.

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