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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Last Day Party

With the temperature pushing 100 degrees, playing in the fountains was the perfect activity for the end of the school year party! Early afternoon the boys changed into their swimsuits while I gathered the towels and buckets. Robby was excited to spend the afternoon with his friends. Timmy, not understanding what was going on, was excited by default.  

I decided to swing by Chick Fil A on the way to pick up nuggets and milkshakes for his classmates. After all, this was my last party for the year and I needed to end my room mom duties in style. Carrying trays of milkshakes and a large bag of nuggets, we were ecstatically greeted when we arrived.

Robby had a great time playing with his friends, running around and giggling nonstop. Timmy occupied himself filling and dumping a small bucket from one of the fountains. I am not quite sure why the bucket dumping was so fascinating, but I was happy that he was entertained and distracted from harassing his brother. I assumed a spot in the shade, although when the temperatures are that high there was no real escape from the heat, and watched everybody have fun. 

Every once in awhile I hopped out of my shaded perch to run through the fountains to cool off. All of the kids seemed excited when an adult joined the splash zone and I quickly discovered that they were willing to pause any activity for the opportunity to thoroughly douse me. It wasn't long before I was as wet as them, only I didn't have the comfort of wearing a bathing suit.

In retrospect I should have worn my water leg. I wasn't anticipating playing in the water, but I should have known that I would be coerced to participate at some point. My everyday leg wasn't damaged by the splashing, but I would have felt more comfortable running after the kids with buckets of water had I been wearing the proper prosthesis. Oh well. At least I'll remember next time! 

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