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Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer of Awesome 2017

Happy Friday!

 Three  of the four members of this household are on vacation, essentially rendering the days of the week irrelevant. For the next eight weeks I am the only one who with be tethered to a schedule. Scott and Robby are on summer vacation, and Timmy is happy to tag along with just about anybody, especially if there is the promise of either lollipops or seeing animals.  I will be the only one with work responsibilities.

Thankfully my new job affords me increased flexibility, which will be put to the test over the next two months. Unlike other summers, I will no longer need to wake up at 4 AM to get all of my work done before everybody else wakes up. I still have projects and timelines, but everything is more manageable. I am less stressed and a happier person since I took my new position.

In fact, everybody in this house has benefited from my new professional adventure. I have more time to spend with Timmy during the day. Although I was home with him before, I was always busy and struggling to keep everything in motion.  Now I can log off and leave my work behind for a few hours, allowing me to concentrate completely on my little buddy. I know that I am a better Mom.  I am no longer constantly stressed and frazzled, a difference that both Robby and Scott have noticed. I am both happier and more relaxed.

This summer will be the real test. I'm optimistic that I will be able to enjoy more time and activities with my boys without the constant exhaustion and stress that arises from waking before dawn to tackle work. Even though I'm working, I'm looking forward to an awesome summer vacation with my boys.

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