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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Dinosaurs LIVE

I try to shy away from pointing out the errors or mistakes of others because I find that, although probably well-meaning, the correction is often perceived as arrogant or condescending. I also don't like to embarrass people when they make a mistake because heaven knows I make enough of my own. Unless I am in a professional setting or debating with friends, I typically just ignore the gaff in an effort to allow the conversation to flow. 

Yesterday I found myself in a situation that put my ability to overlook to the true test.  I had a lengthy conversation (albeit one way) with a young lady (early 20's) who excitedly jabbered about going to the zoo to see the "real live dinosaurs."  According to her report, the National Zoo in DC had just acquired a real live dinosaurs (because they need to be in pairs) which is rare because you have to jump through a lot of hoops to develop the correct habitat for the animals. She continued by justifying her excitement because she had only seen the bones so she was eager to see them alive with skin.

Um, okay. At first I thought that she was kidding, or that perhaps I misunderstood her story. By the time I processed that she was legitimately excited about the dinosaurs moving into the zoo it felt awkward to interject reality.  Who am I to point out the pesky inconvenience of extinction in her plans. I have to admit, the evil part of me is excited to see her again in a few weeks so I can learn about her visit to the zoo. 

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