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Friday, October 20, 2017

DC wrap-up

Yesterday was important, but it did not start out on a positive note. I had completely underestimated rush hour traffic to the metro station. What normally should have taken twenty minutes ended up taking ninety.  By the time I arrived at the train station I was flustered and running late. I abhor being late!

I used the quick metro ride to recenter myself. Using some newly mastered meditation breathing techniques I was able to calm my nerves and release the "I'm late" frustrations. When we rolled into the metro station I was feeling strong and ready for the event.

The purpose of the press event was to unveil and discuss the importance of a new study focused on access to prosthetic care. The researchers were able to quantify the benefits of patients receiving prosthetic devices. Although it feels like common sense logic, the study will certainly help to bolster the legislative and insurance initiatives focused on providing prosthetic devices to the community.

After the researchers presented their findings, I was invited to the podium to share my prosthetic story. In a way my purpose for speaking was to humanize prosthetic benefits for the audience. Unscripted (I was initially told I was only needed to answer questions) I spoke from the heart and relayed my story.

Here is a video of the entire event.  I encourage you to watch the entire presentation, but I start at minute 33.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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