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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ear Issues Continued

Yesterday I was optimistic that I would  finally be able to put my ear woes in the past. Although I wasn't looking forward to the ear procedure, the prospect of no longer dealing with ear pain was appealing. I have been dealing with ear issues since the summer. During the past six months I have consumed bottles of antibiotics and used a medicine cabinet full of ear drops. Nothing has worked, so I drove to the surgeon with nervous energy as I was excited about regaining an ear-pain free life.

Unfortunately my procedure did not proceed as expected. I emerged from the appointment with sharp ear pain, another prescription and an appointment for return visit next week. Apparently some of the tissue remains tightly adhered to the ear drum, which made removal both painful and dangerous to the structures. After a few (painful) attempts, the doctor opted to go another direction.  

My ear canal was filled with a thick goop which is supposed to help soften all of the tissues. I'm hoping that this works because my ear feels painfully congested, and now my hearing is completely blocked in my right ear. Trying to look on the positive side, at least the kids’ squawking isn't nearly as unnerving because I can hardly hear it!

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