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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Turkey Hill Experience

With an upcoming adventure scheduled but not revealed for Wednesday, Robby asked if he could stay at his Nana's house to play with his cousins. Since I was only planning on being away for a weekend we are woefully underpacked, but  he doesn't seem to find wearing the same clothes on a loop.  He and his cousins are having a blast and have picked up seamlessly from last summer. Again her house is filled with peals of laughter, chaos and toys. 

Yesterday my niece went to Hershey Park with a friend, so I took advantage of a smaller Crew by taking them to the Turkey Hill Experience. (I won tickets last month and it was the perfect opportunity to use them before they became lost in the abyss of my glove compartment.) Timmy was ecstatic to come along with "the big kids" on the adventure.  The Cousin Crew were equally excited about the unlimited ice cream touted in the commercials.

In spite of the limited activities and broken exhibits, the kids had a fun. The Cousins challenged themselves to see who could eat the most ice cream. (The winner downed a whopping 14 cups!) With a ball pit and slide, the destination is definitely tailored more towards little kids. Timmy seemed to enjoy it, but in all fairness he loves just about everything. If you are considering going to the Turkey Hill Experience, make sure you go with a coupon. It is most definitely not worth the full price of admission.

After we came home from gorging on ice cream the boys played outside for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. Timmy tried to keep up with them for awhile, but eventually his fatigue got the best of him and he needed to go to bed. By 10 pm, which is early by the Cousin Crew standards, everybody was exhausted and called it a day.

Today we don't have anything grand planned. I have to work, and get everything finalized for our adventure tomorrow. I'm so excited about it but I can't reveal the destination right now. The kids are becoming savvy and now search this blog for clues. 

More to come tomorrow...

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