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Friday, October 05, 2018

Scary Witch

It is safe to say that Timmy has inherited my love for holidays. He is mesmerized by all of the "spooky" decorations adorning the Walmart shelves. The corner of the store where Christmas decorations are beginning to be displayed is a growing wonderland. He loves walking through the decoration aisles, oohing and aaahing over everything that catches his little eye.

Yesterday we found a fun Halloween nightlight during one of our shopping trips. I bought it for him and we set it up in his room as soon as we arrived home. As soon as we darkened the lights and turned it on he began to squeal and giggle with delight. Although he was amused during the day, I quickly realized that the "fun and festive nightlight" would become the source of nightmares and interrupted sleep if I allowed it to stay in his bedroom.  

Before he went to sleep I quietly replaced the flying witch with an illuminated happy pumpkin. Timmy was just as thrilled to have a smiling jack-o-lantern in his room and I felt more comfortable knowing that he wasn't going to be haunted by the creepy flying witch. (I love his zest and enthusiasm!) 

From now on, I think we'll pick our nightlights from the Christmas aisles.  

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