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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Unraveling Yarn

Last night I had a dream where I was pushing a large ball of yarn up a hill. I didn't quite know why I was tasked with pushing the yarn, but I felt an overwhelming compulsion to keep moving up the hill. When I finally arrived at the top of the hill a large bird came and landed on the top of my yarn. The weight of the bird dislodged the ball, and it began to teeter. Although I scrambled to regain control of the yarn I was not successful and I was forced to watch it roll and unravel down the same hill.

By the time the yarn reached the bottom of the hill the hall had completely unraveled to a single long strand. I woke up feeling distraught, scared and frustrated. Who would have thought that a weird dream about yard would elicit such a strong response?

I'm not versed with dream interpretation, but even I could decipher the message. Recently I have been feeling like my life is beyond my control. I know that I cannot control everything, but it is time that I start reigning in what is within my power. Of course, that is easier said than done.

Part of my problem lies with my ignoring my own needs. I am so busy with work, school, taking care of Timmy and trying to keep up with the house that I feel like I am unraveling. I keep wanting to return to my meditation and to improve my own self-care, but by the time I'm done with everything for the day I'm too exhausted to add anything to the mix. 

Have any other Mom's been in this predicament?  How did you keep your thinly veiled metaphorical yarn from unraveling?

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