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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Insult Sales

This time of year my inbox always overflows with ads and "only once a year" sales opportunities. I feel like I spend more time deleting emails each day than I do actually opening and reading. So far, one inbox has remained semi-safe from the constant solicitations. My Facebook messenger typically only houses messages from friends (and a handful of uninvited chain letters). Unfortunately, my Messenger inbox is starting to show signs of sales contamination. 

First of all, I feel like I should explain that I appreciate my friends who hustle and work their stay-at-home businesses. As a Mom, I know that the struggle is real. Whenever possible I try to lend support by purchasing a product or two and giving them a try. My friends are not aggressive, and never inundate me with constant sales requests.  

I have noticed a handful of sales messages, and the number seems to be growing, from those who are not on my friend's list. Most of the time the messages are respectful and succinct.  Something along the lines of "You're an amputee, have you tried my CBD/Essential oil/ wraps for phantom pain/discomfort/inflammation." Again, I appreciate the hustle and even though I am not connected to these individuals, I know that they are just trying to make a living. It is easier for me to delete and move on than it is to engage. 

Yesterday I received a message that I feel crossed the clear line between unsolicited sales and predatory insults. A lady messaged me, admitting that we were not connected on Facebook. She continued to say that she found my photo and that I was "too young to look so old and tired."  Of course, she could help me if I am interested. The insult was followed by a cutsie "LOL," as if that takes away the insult against my haggard appearance.

If I were not secure in myself, the message could have pushed me over the brink. Can you imagine feeling vulnerable and then receiving a message from a stranger, confirming your skewed self-esteem? I am considering forwarding the message to the "mothership" company for review of the sales minion's tactics. Whatever product she was selling, her approach does not come across as professional!

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