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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Santa Fun

We had a wonderful Christmas. 

This year was especially special because Nana (my Mom) traveled to Virginia for a sleepover on Christmas Eve. My Mom visiting is rare, but having her sleepover has only happened due to medical emergencies. This was the first time that she slept over for fun. 

Both boys and I were thrilled with her decision to join our family for our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning festivities. Timmy was giddy sharing his room with his Nana and anxiously waited all day for her arrival. Having her sleep in Timmy's room provided some extra insurance against an early morning snoop, allowing Scott and I to sleep a little more comfortable in the knowledge that the surprises would not be spoiled. 

It was so much fun having her join the excitement as the boys readied the house for Santa's arrival. Both boys were especially well behaved, probably out of fear of Santa's retribution, and the house was overflowing with giggles and smiles. Christmas morning I heard my Mom and Timmy sneak out to the living room to see if Santa arrived. I loved hearing the pair discover the presents!

What took me three months to secure and two hours to wrap were unwrapped and revealed in near record time. With our floor completely covered, our living room looked like a wrapping paper volcano erupted by the end of the morning. Both boys spent the day playing with all of their new treasures, and I think it is safe to say that Santa was successful this year.

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