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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Halloween Ready

I am so happy that September is finally behind us. Nothing dramatic happened during the month, I have just always found September to be stressful and exhausting. Between Scott and Robby starting back to school and the return of extracurricular activities into our calendar, I spent the majority of the month chasing my tail. Things are finally starting to settle down and normalize, just in time for Halloween.

Timmy is all in with Halloween this year. He spends hours each day crafting decorations for the house. We have spooky skeletons, happy pumpkins and scary skeletons hanging from every wall and doorway. He is determined to transform our home into "Spooky Town," and his dedication to his vision is only growing.  

I am constantly walking into spider webs, spiders and skeletons, but I know that Timmy comes by his love for Halloween naturally. Robby loves the holiday as well, although his decorating efforts have certainly waned as he has edged towards being a teenager. Even though Robby is no longer enthusiastic about hanging pumpkins and ghosts, he loves scaring me whenever possible and Halloween is the perfect opportunity.

In fact, all of the males in my home (Scott included) have developed an affinity for scaring me. The boys love nothing more than throwing a plastic snake or spider onto me when I am relaxing, causing me to shriek. Occasionally they have frightened me to the point of incontinence. Apparently it is hillarious watching Momom pee her pants.

The next month will be filled with autumnal adventures, spooky outings and lots of Halloween crafts.  Since I don't see the boys stopping their spooky antics anytime soon, I will probably be doing a lot of laundry this month.

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