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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Stomp Rockets

Timmy is enthralled by all things that fly. From planes and rockets to sling shots and kites, if it soars through the air he wants to play with it. Aware of Timmy's aviation obsession, Scott surprised us on Monday with a set of stomp rockets. He was hoping that Timmy would be excited, but we were completely unprepared for the reaction he received.

Timmy was so excited when he saw the stomp rockets that all he could do was shriek for joy. He jumped up and down and and then ran in circles as I unboxed the new treasure. The boys headed outside to play, where they sent rockets soaring until dinner was ready.

Yesterday morning he woke up at dawn, anxious to go play with his new rockets. After convincing him to wait until the sun came up and I had enough coffee, we spent the majority of the day jumping on pillow pads to send rockets into the air. (I have to admit that I grew weary of the game after two hours, but he never seemed to tire.) In total, we spent six hours jumping and blasting rockets "to the purple space station." 

I knew that Timmy would enjoy the stomp rockets, but I'm taken aback by his unbridled enthusiasm for the toy. I suspect that today will be spent at launch central, sending more rockets to space. It's safe to say that Scott made a wise purchase. 


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