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Monday, December 02, 2019

Heading Home

After a successful Black Friday shopping extravaganza, I was able to spend the remainder of the weekend relaxing and just having fun. I have never before finished my holiday shopping in one day, but I love that the pressure of finding the right toys and gifts is behind me. Now I can just enjoy the rest of December without the frustrations of scouring the mall and internet for the perfect gift.

After shopping on Friday my niece, Robby and I all headed over to my cousin Dan's house. Dan is an avid guitar player and invited Robby to his "man cave" to jam for a little while. Robby was thrilled and had a fantastic time playing with another guitarist. He is over-the-moon with the amp and pedals that Dan gifted him. I'm sure I won't be nearly as thankful when the sound is turned up in my house during Robby's solo practice sessions.  

After working on Saturday, Tiffany came home ecstatic that she had been awarded two tickets for Christmas Candy Lane. (Her working at Hershey Park certainly has advantages!)  After Timmy went to bed, we bundled up and headed to Hershey Park to soak in some holiday spirit. The lights were beautiful and the crowds were nonexistent. We had an awesome time.

Yesterday was dubbed "Baking Palooza" because I spent the majority of the afternoon in the kitchen with my niece. She learned how to bake and assemble a gingerbread house from scratch. She also made cut-out Christmas cookies and a gingerbread gift box. 

I've had a great week away from reality, but today I'm returning home. I think the holiday season has been appropriate kick-started at my Mom's house, so now it is time to infuse my own home with some elf touches.  


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