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I am a below knee amputee. More importantly, I am also Mommy to two boys, a very active 10 year old (Robby) and an mischievous toddler (Timmy). I have learned that being a parent with a disability can create some unusual and sometimes humorous situations. This blogger is available for hire! Let's talk and learn how a blog can expand your business.

Friday, October 09, 2020


 I have not been so happy for a weekend in a long time. Although I had a great time visiting my Mom, I can't help but think that the time away contributed to the chaos I felt this week. Typically I spend Sunday cooking, cleaning, working and prepping for the week ahead. I didn't do that last weekend, and this week I felt like I was constantly in motion and being pulled like Gumby. I'm hoping that this weekend I will be able to reset, to reorganize and to reset for a fantastic week.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Christmas tree farm to tag our tree. We have never tagged a tree before, but the boys and I are looking forward to it. Saturday the weather is going to be gorgeous, and it will be nice just being outside and having fun. It feels like it has been a long time since we have had a family adventure!

With all of our traditional autumnal adventures sidelined because of Covid, it is fun to try something completely new. According to the tree farm web site, we are supposed to decorate our tree in the field to lay claim on it. Tonight Timmy, Robby and I are going to make birdseed ornaments and perhaps even string popcorn. Who knows, maybe we'll even watch Grinch and/ or Polar Express as we create.

The weather is supposed to be crummy on Sunday. The remnants of another hurricane are coming through our area, bringing more rain. While I'm not looking forward to the rain, at least I won't have a weather temptation away from planning and prepping.

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