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Monday, May 23, 2016

Limp Defense

I am so glad that I opted to pick up Robby from school early (he has the option of half days on Fridays) so that we could go to the farm. The weather was nearly perfect with warm temperatures and bright and sunny skies. We spent the afternoon playing and exploring before we boarded the wagon for the strawberry fields. Robby and I picked 6 quarts of strawberries while Timmy snitched more than I care to admit. Hamlet was covered with sticky berry juice and dirt by the time we loaded up in the wagon to return to our car. 

I'm thankful that we picked so many berries on Friday because I now fear that the plants are under water. We have received nearly nonstop rain since Saturday, modulating between a steady stream to torrential downpours. With the exception of Friday afternoon, the weekend weather was utterly miserable!

My leg is starting to react to the damp weather. Between the jitterbug kicking at night and the sensation that my phantom ankle is twisting, I have been cognizant of my limb loss over the past few days. I have maintained my mobility, but I have been limping.

Scott pointed out my limp yesterday morning.  I know it is silly, but hearing a critique of my gait, regardless of how well intended it is offered, always frustrates me.  When I am in pain I know that my walking is compromised. Having it pointed out only leaves me angry, even when I logically know that was not the intent.  Out of frustration with myself and the pain more than him, I barked a curt response to his well-meaning observation. (Yes, I did apologize later.)

The weather will clear out soon, and my walking will return to normal. I am looking forward to spending more time outside playing in the sunshine with the boys. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow!

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