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Monday, August 08, 2016

Post-Vacation Relaxation

This past weekend we did nothing of any consequence, and it turns out to be exactly what we all needed.  After our Jellystone adventure, quickly followed by our beach getaway, it was nice to have a few days with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Well, it isn't exactly that I didn't have anything to do. Perhaps it would be more honest to admit that I chose relaxation and hanging out at the pool over housework and report writing.  I think we all needed a few days of calm after the fun chaos of the past two weeks.

It isn't often that I completely ignore both housework and projects in lieu of vegging out in front of the television and reading. I desperately needed to relax after our "vacation."  After all, I managed to maintain my work responsibilities and schedule on both getaways, which led to me feeling frazzled, stressed and exhausted.

Even Hamlet, who thoroughly enjoys traveling and adventures, was content to play quietly at home. We did go to the pool on both Saturday and Sunday, which was enough action to both satisfy and to tucker out our little guy. He was delighted (and surprised) that he has mastered staying upright in the pool while wearing his vest.  (I don't fully trust his abilities yet so I am always within reach in case he loses his balance.) He thoroughly enjoyed showing off his new swim skill to anybody and everybody who happened to look his way. 

Unfortunately my weekend off has come to an end with the beginning of another work week. I think I am going to lock myself in Scott's man cave this afternoon so that I can work uninterrupted. I love having my boys home, but their constant presence makes concentrating difficult.  Wish me luck!

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