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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Adventure

Greetings from our winter Aunt Peggy Adventure!

The kids were absolutely gobsmacked yesterday when they realized that they were not headed home but rather to a mysterious destination.  During the drive they frantically tried to guess our final destination, quickly exhausting all known options.  When I pulled into the Lodge they didn't know what to expect, but their little smiling faces glowed brighter than the Christmas decorations in the lobby.

As soon as we arrived my Mom showed up with Timmy, who was equally as excited.  When he saw his swim diapers he squealed with excitement and I couldn't change him fast enough.  I loved watching all of the kids, aged 12 to 2, skip and prance down the hallway towards the waterpark.

Timmy swam and played for three hours.  When we were done and he was thoroughly exhausted my mom came and picked him up for the night.  I understand he fell sound asleep about 5 minutes into the drive.

The big kids enjoyed the rest of the night exploring the hotel, revisiting the pool and taking advantage of the activities offered.  I had a bit of an issue during the evening swim, but today's post is a happy one so I will explain the incident at a later time.  Right now, I just want to be happy and enjoy being the World's Best Aunt/ Momom.

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