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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rotting in the Rain

Well our good weather streak broke after one day. Yesterday the skies opened up and buckets of unwanted water poured from the skies. En route to taking Robby to his PE class, I had to pull over because our wipers couldn't keep up with the rainfall. Usually rains that intense are fleeting.  This one stayed for nearly 40 minutes, flooding every mud puddle and ditch in the area.  

I am beyond frustrated with the constant rain.  Although no precipitation is in the forecast today, it will be a swampy mess as the temperatures work to dry everything out. The smelly swamp is nearly as bad as the dreary rain!

Not only is our bad weather is wreaking havoc on both my yard and my mood, but it is destroying the local strawberry crop. My favorite strawberry farm is struggling to keep the berries from rotting in the field. At this point I'm just surrendering May to bad weather and looking forward to drier and sunnier days. Unfortunately June will be too late for the delicious berries.  

If it dries out enough this afternoon, maybe Timmy and I will help save some berries from a rotting demise. Before we pick berries we will head to our favorite toddler playground for a few hours. He is my energetic social butterfly, eager to make friends and play wherever he goes. Hopefully I won't be the only Mom with this idea and Timmy can have a playmate. I hope that playing hard for a few hours will help expend the destructive energy that tends to build up when we are forced to play inside.  

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